Lyndsey McDougall
Lyndsey McDougall is an artist who makes her work using fabrics and embroidery. She lectures in Textile Art, Design and Fashion at the University of Ulster in Belfast. Her work has been exhibited at home in Belfast and internationally, including exhibitions in Berlin, Canada and New York.
She looks forward to leading the group from the drawing stage to the completion of the next embroidery panel, learning about the role of women in the port and docks of Belfast along the way.

Rosana Trainor
Rosana Trainor has a background in clothing and apparel fabric manufacturing. She started stitching at school, inspired by her craft work teacher and backed up by her mother. Today she enjoys knitting and looks forward to taking part in the ‘Port and Docks Textile Project’.

Eleanor Brown
Eleanor Brown is retired. She is obsessed by wool and knitting but is also fascinated by other textiles including linen. She also has an interest in maritime history and trade. Having taken part in the creation of the first Dock and Harbour tapestry panel, she is looking forward to taking part in the creation of the second.

Carolyn McDougall
Carolyn has always been good with her hands and was encouraged at home to sew, making her own clothes and doing embroidery. On retirement she did City and Guilds Certificate and Diploma in Design and Craft, specialising in Embroidery.
She took part in the first part of the Port and Docks Project moving from participant to tutor. This has lead to an involvement in Community Arts. She is a member of the Northern Ireland Embroidery Guild and the Harmony Hill Craft Group. She has exhibited regularly through these two groups.

Cony Ortiz
Cony Ortiz is an enthusiastic visual arts facilitator from Colombia. She is a Cultural Coach and expresses her ethnic background through different art styles including textile art & crafts from Colombia.
Last year she had the opportunity to be part of Arts for All & ArtsEkta’s ‘Port and Docks of Belfast project.’ She loves learning new techniques and this project gave her that opportunity. She recently started learning embroidery and creative sewing and took a course in crochet. Her great interest is meeting people from different parts of the world and learning about their customs, traditions and arts.

Lucy Kelly-Desmond
Lucy Kelly-Desmond is a textile artist from County Roscommon. She studied Design in Textiles at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.
‘My favourite textile medium is embroidery because it allows me to create layers of texture, colour and exquisite detail. When making art with a needle and thread, it is wonderful to think that women have been using this medium for generations. My fascination with textiles began as a young child when I would watch family members quilting. It is very exciting working on the ‘Port and Docks Tapestry project’ as I will get to work with other people who love to sew and we will learn new skills from each other. I am also interested in history and I will get to learn a lot about Belfast and about historical and contemporary textiles in Ireland’.


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