Last year, Arts for All and ArtsEkta ran an exciting narrative cloth programme which resulted in the creation of a beautifully crafted tapestry. The piece entitled ‘The Port and Docks of Belfast:Imagined Through Textiles’ was designed and made by professional textile artists and 21 participants from a range of communities and ethnic backgrounds living in north Belfast. The tapestry depicts life in the port and docks area of Belfast, from a woman’s perspective and focuses on the period between c.1900-1960.
The piece has been displayed in various venues across the city:
• Stormont- hosted by the chair of the Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure
• Arts for All’s John Luke Gallery on the York Road
• Lord Mayor’s Parlour (Belfast City Hall)- hosted by the Lord Mayor of Belfast
• The Island Arts Centre, Lisburn
The second phase of the project has now begun (March 2014). We will be creating a new tapestry (or possibly two smaller panels) which will illustrate the next stage in history to the present day. By viewing this blog you can follow the making of the new tapestry from start to finish.
About the Organizations:
Arts for All
Arts for All is located on the York Road. The organization has played an intrumental role in community arts in north Belfast for the past 14 years. The core of their work is to encourage participation in the arts, to enhance community and personal development, education and social cohesion.
Arts for All believes that those who become involved in arts projects often stay involved in the life of the community. Positive change can be achieved through arts which unite, shape and change the lives of those in the local community.
Arts for All has four aims:
• To encourage and stimulate the artistic creativity of people from north Belfast
• To encourage appreciation of and participation in community arts
• To provide or secure advice, training and information on all aspects of the arts
• To promote and conduct research that will benefit the arts in north Belfast
Arts for All achieves its aim through delivery of a comprehensive community arts programme working in participation with local community and youth groups and schools. Arts for All operates a Cultural Hub which promotes social inclusion and cohesion and capacity building. It hosts an artist in residence scheme, the only such scheme in the vicinity.

Cultural Coach is ArtsEkta’s major educational programme which includes the delivery of One World Days and extended arts residencies and programmes in community and educational settings. One World Days are delivered by artists and cultural facilitators from Africa, Bulgaria, the Czech and Slovak republics, China, Columbia, Denmark, India, Ireland, Japan, Libya, Pakistan, Poland and the Ukrain. ArtsEkta organises Northern Ireland’s leading multi-cultural festivals: Belfast Mela, Diwali and Samhain and Festival of Colours-Holi. The organization was established to advance and promote intercultural arts and minority artists and to help shape a more inclusive society which embraces and is respectful and reflective of the multiple cultural identities living in the North.


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