Welcome to The Port and Docks of Belfast Tapestry blog. Last year the group designed and stitched a fascinating and beautifully crafted tapestry which focused on depicting life on the Belfast Docks from a woman’s perspective-a theme which is often disregarded in history.


We are now working on the second phase of the tapestry and we plan on continuing to focus on the untold stories of women who lived and worked on the port and docklands area of Belfast. Some participants from last year’s project have returned to work on the next tapestry and there are also new members of the group. We are very excited about beginning the new tapestry as last year’s project was very interesting and new friendships were made during the year.


Our blog is for participants, artists, facilitators and anyone who is interested in the project. By visiting the blog you can follow the process of the making of the tapestry from ideas and workshops to the stitching of the final artwork.



Special Thanks to the funders of the project. The core funders are:

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Department of Social Development

Belfast City Council